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R.J. Webb is a female-owned marketing agency that partners with institutions of higher education to provide effective and innovative marketing strategies to reach the next generation of college students, faculty experts, and industry leaders.

For over a decade, our founder, Jackie Jircitano, has built a reputation for delivering exceptional results to clients across the United States, from Ivy League universities to high-caliber research institutions. R.J. Webb understands the unique challenges facing colleges and universities in today’s competitive market and offers customized marketing strategies tailored to meet their needs. With a team of experienced professionals and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, R.J. Webb is dedicated to helping institutions of higher education succeed in achieving their marketing goals.

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Marketing for institutions of higher education requires a deep understanding of the student journey, organizational values, and a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. By prioritizing our five principles, R.J. Webb can help institutions build awareness, attract top talent, and achieve their marketing goals. From developing personalized messaging to reaching prospective students online, we have the expertise and experience to help institutions succeed in today’s competitive higher education market.

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Our Process

  • 1. Discovery

    The first step is to learn about the client’s goals, objectives, and challenges. This may involve conducting research, analyzing data, and meeting with key stakeholders to understand their needs.

  • 2. Strategy

    Based on the information gathered during the discovery phase, a customized marketing strategy is developed. This strategy will outline the approach and tactics to be used in achieving the client’s objectives.

  • 3. Execution

    With the strategy in place, the marketing campaign is executed. This may involve designing creative assets, developing messaging, and launching campaigns across various channels.

  • 4. Optimization

    As the campaign runs, data and analytics are used to monitor performance and optimize tactics. This may involve A/B testing, adjusting messaging, or reallocating budget to achieve better results.

  • 5. Measurement

    Regular reporting and analysis are conducted to measure the success of the campaign against the established objectives. This helps to identify what worked well and what areas need improvement for future campaigns.

  • 6. Refinement

    Based on the insights gathered during the measurement phase, the marketing strategy is refined and optimized for future campaigns. This process is ongoing, ensuring continuous improvement and success for the client.

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