About project

Period: October 2015 – Present

Client: Harvard Kennedy School

Subject: Program on Education Policy and Governance

Discover how R.J. Webb, an acclaimed marketing agency, collaborated with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Program on Education Policy and Governance (PEPG) to enhance visibility, disseminate research, and amplify the impact of the Education Next journal. With a focus on strategic public relations and project management, Jackie Jircitano and her team at R.J. Webb provided invaluable support to PEPG, resulting in increased media mentions, broader readership, and enhanced policy influence. This case study highlights R.J. Webb’s exceptional work in driving growth and recognition for the Program on Education Policy and Governance.

Our Task Was

  • Disseminating peer-reviewed research to media outlets, policymakers, and education practitioners.
  • Expanding the reach and impact of the annual Education Next poll on American opinion regarding education policy.
  • Engaging influencers to enhance the influence of Education Next research and researchers.
  • Implementing strategies to grow PEPG’s email subscriber list and increase engagement with Education Next content.


To achieve our goals, we developed a comprehensive strategy that included:

  • Research Dissemination: Effectively sharing peer-reviewed research with media, policymakers, and education practitioners.
  • Education Next Poll Outreach: Expanding the reach and impact of the annual Education Next poll on education policy opinion through targeted communication strategies.
  • Influencer Engagement: Building connections between Education Next researchers and education leaders to enhance research influence.
  • Email Subscriber Growth: Implementing strategies to grow PEPG’s email subscriber list and increase engagement with compelling campaigns.
  • Media Relations: Cultivating relationships with media outlets and coordinating press releases to generate coverage and exposure.
  • Event Management: Organizing conferences and workshops to showcase PEPG’s research and expertise.
  • Content Creation: Producing high-quality written and multimedia content to highlight research insights and maximize visibility.
  • Social Media Strategy: Developing and implementing a comprehensive social media strategy to amplify reach and engagement.
  • Policy Impact: Collaborating with policymakers and advocacy groups to increase the influence of research on education policy decisions.
  • Measurement and Analytics: Tracking key performance metrics and providing insights to measure impact and guide future strategies.


Our efforts have led to impressive results, including notable achievements such as:

  • A remarkable 828% increase in email subscribers since 2015, reaching 17,273 email subscribers.
  • Over 20,000 media mentions across national, regional, and trade outlets, showcasing PEPG’s research impact.
  • Securing more than 450 premium media placements in top-tier outlets, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


R.J. Webb’s strategic and comprehensive public relations support proved instrumental in significantly enhancing the visibility, influence, and impact of the Program on Education Policy and Governance (PEPG) at the renowned Harvard Kennedy School. Leveraging their expertise and innovative approach, R.J. Webb played a pivotal role in advancing PEPG’s mission and the broader Education Next initiative. Through an array of impactful strategies and initiatives, including targeted research dissemination, influential influencer engagement, exponential growth of the email subscriber list, and securing highly coveted and reputable media placements, R.J. Webb’s unparalleled contributions were paramount in positioning PEPG and Education Next as prominent forces within the education policy landscape. Their unwavering dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional execution exemplify the value they brought to the success and transformative impact of PEPG’s research, publications, and advocacy efforts.