About project

Period: July 2022 through February 2023

Client: University of California San Diego

Subject: SOSNetLab

R.J. Webb, a highly reputable marketing agency, partnered with the University of California San Diego’s SOSNetLab to propel their research collaboration efforts to new heights. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a track record of delivering exceptional results, R.J. Webb became an instrumental force in supporting SOSNetLab’s mission of fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the research-use community.

Our Task Was

  • Develop visual brand identity aligned with existing logo
  • Write, design, and launch public-facing website
  • Create captivating graphic designs and layouts
  • Implement “guerrilla” marketing at international research conference


To achieve our goals, we developed a comprehensive strategy that included:

  • Conducted comprehensive research and analysis of SOSNetLab’s objectives, target audience, and industry landscape.
  • Collaboratively developed branding and communication strategies aligned with SOSNetLab’s vision and goals.
  • Created a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity, including logo design, color palette, and typography.
  • Collaborated with web developers to design and launch a user-friendly and visually engaging public-facing website.
  • Utilized expert graphic design skills to create visually captivating layouts for various resources and materials.
  • Implemented innovative “guerrilla” marketing strategies at an international research conference to raise awareness of SOSNetLab’s work.
  • Continuously monitored performance and made data-driven adjustments to optimize branding efforts and marketing campaigns.


Our efforts have led to impressive results, including notable achievements such as:

  • Successful launch of a visually appealing and informative public-facing website, providing a platform for SOSNetLab to showcase their research and engage with stakeholders effectively.
  • Increased visibility and recognition of SOSNetLab’s brand through the implementation of innovative “guerrilla” marketing strategies at an international research conference, generating buzz and capturing the attention of education researchers.
  • Strengthened brand presence and improved collaboration within the research-use community, as evidenced by increased engagement, positive feedback, and fruitful partnerships fostered as a result of R.J. Webb’s strategic branding and communication efforts.


R.J. Webb’s strategic efforts successfully enhanced SOSNetLab’s visibility, engagement, and partnerships, amplifying their research impact and fostering collaboration within the research-use community.